or the tale of a naughty girl with a beautiful name “Delicate Flower”.

Ballet extravaganza in two acts by six paintings

The current face of ballet:

Sultan Abdul Rahman, incomparable –
wisest of the wise, the greatest of the great, and the Lord of all lords.

Princess Gyullala –
young tender beauty and insufferable capricious.

Vizier Shahyar –
a faithful servant of his lord and master of life.

Zeynab Aliyeva –
chief nurse princess.

Princess Grooms:

Nawfal-generous –
the young Shah, Crown country untold wealth – forests, fields, rivers and seas.

Eskimo illustrious –
Duke, glittering icicles cold country Ice icebergs.

Golden Katana-san radiant –
Crown Prince of Japan and a pleasant manner.

Abdurahat-zirahurma-lukumgranat-pilavhalva-kizilfistashka ibn sherbet-and it is all Javed Amir –
zvёzdnopodobny lord of the country Sand dune and sweet dastarkhan da arrive eternal peace and prosperity of his illustrious family.

Actors, the above characters as well – wandering singers and dancers.

Scenes “Gifts for the Princess”:

Ballet – “Penguins”.
Ballet – “Jumping-Bedouins”.
Ballet – “Fan-Dancers”.
Ballet – “Birds of Paradise”.
The scene “Dream of the great Sultan – Abdul-Rahman, the incomparable”:

Devas – sleeping sorceress at night living in the palace chambers and castles, and in the morning – the most vociferous traders, the largest and most sweet bazaar.

The scene “Dream Gyullaly Princess”:

Diva, Jean, Cyclops –
nocturnal inhabitants of the fabulous mountains of the Black Hawk – and every other nasty evil that exists only in the eastern tales.

Vekili – court nobles
Derebei – specific rulers
Efendi – noblemen
Girls – maid
assistants chefs


The ballet “Princess Gullala” can be put on any scene.

The sponsors are considering all options for cooperation.

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