Our ballet about eccentric girl, well, quite unlike the real princess of the good fairy tale.

From her tricks, but only groans moans whole sultanate …

But our fantastic story, just how it is, from the disorderly and rather harmful girls, still will be a real Princess.

And now, silence … It seems she wakes up …

It was a long time ago … When a white light, kings, was no less than the subjects themselves. But there was among them, and the real king .. Sultan – Abdul Rahman incomparable! And he had a daughter – a young princess Gyullala, who became famous in the whole wide world of unearthly beauty! But the character was her, just a toothache. In the morning – and her coffee in bed! In the servants of the heavenly fragrances dizzy. And it is they, for that, in a bald crown, thanks silk pillows. Such is the character in the beautiful capricious. Unusual! In short, everyone gets every morning from not enough sleep … Princess And only when sounded festive march golden bells, whimsical beautiful princess in an elegant pas, fluttered in the fabulously beautiful, the palace gardens.

And then, well, most naipyshneyshee festival! Bride grooms! Which itself Sultan Abdul-Rahman, the incomparable, invited for the beloved daughter of the chief of the royal birth. The boys were excited, sparkling, all in gold and diamonds! But, without the slightest chance of success … What beauty and confirmed Gyullala not honoring any of the suitors with his eyes … All at once they remembered about her character, and at the same time grabbed the right cheek, as if all at once a toothache wisdom. Well, what can you do ?! Well, this was our princess … Sultan Patience is exhausted. Only now he realized that his daughter did not think to choose a husband, and unfairly ridicules sweetest, people yavivshimisya from around the world at his invitation. Dubbed one – Ldyshka-holodyshka. Others – Obgoreshka miserable. Third – Draught nasty. Fourth – Birdie-sviristelka. And he laughed … Great Sultan Abdul-Rahman, the incomparable, very angry, and swore that he will give his daughter Gyullalu princess married. For the first got the beggar, who tomorrow, in the morning, knocking on the gates of the palace! .. In fact, in the disturbing dreams and terrible premonitions, forgotten the glorious kingdom of the Great Sultan …

Early morning! .. Some beggar musician beggar, literally howled front of the palace of the Sultan, his cheeky-plaintive, wandering aria. All this bazaar-loudmouthed ballet, was driven to sew up … But the Great Sultan, Abdul-Rahman, the incomparable, woke up. He listened … and sent messengers for razvopivshimisya in the whole wide world, beggars. Which, not timidly broke into the palace rooms, and demonstrated in front of him, all his talent. And then, the most vociferous of vagrants, bowed out of the Great great! and I asked them kindly to reward not only for the ability to much for the effort. And a wise sultan already leads to his arm rests, that there are forces, his only daughter … Gyullala in terror before his father fell to his knees. But how she did cry as she pleaded no – it was all in vain. Its right there in haste, ceremonies in the way of happiness with the poor ragamuffin musician, and quickly got rid of the palace. On all four sides …

Humbly bowed his head, trailed Princess Gyullala, followed by vagrants on the rocky road leading to the mountain of the Black Hawk … And when force is quite left unhappy, she tried to sit down on the green grass to relax, it is not clear what, suddenly, was delighted with the whole motley, and, in general, the opposing company. Especially, one the most important! He is followed by the rest of the bums, demanded from her, – coffee them to bed. Since they have the bed and then he has never been! ..

At that, a poor beggar, suddenly frowned, and the whole company immediately jumped up from their seats and hastily trotted on, never giving it a rest … And in the evening, before going to bed, she certainly could not make a fire to warm the simple dinner. Well, not taught in the palace, Gyullalu, it … In the meantime, the whole company, fun swearing, lay down to sleep. Who, anywhere. The poor girl was a princess and scary and disgusting in this rude society. The nightmare of the previous day was replaced by a troubled sleep cool night …

A princess dreaming something, well, it is quite difficult … As if the poor vagabond and not people at all … And what a night frights! Huge ugly diva so the created jinn from fire and ash, come here, to the mountain of the Black Hawk to lure her poor thing, in her, Shaitansky merrymaking. Dazzling lightning split the universe and all the evil spirits, ringing horns yes whistling tails sypanula out of the gate in high places, but right on the Gyullalu and sat down. It was then, and remembered the princess about her character. And so it began … And the diva and gin were not happy that related to this obnoxious girl-princess! Ask them this pepper that only hold on. By the way, all evil, and held on to his right cheek, as the unbearable toothache? Well, this is when the wisdom tooth is cut. Remembered ?!

It is their happiness, all these leaky us that our princess woke up! and then she showed them is … However, joyful trills sunny morning announced the beginning of a new day, and heavy sigh, Gyullala, scrambled to her feet … And lo and behold!

She could not believe her eyes! She closed them again … And again, opened …

And, lo and behold! Directly in front of her, dressed in silk and velvet, with a gold chain around his neck was a young handsome man – Crown Shah of the country’s forests, fields, rivers and seas, – Nawfal-generous! Princess shuddered, fearing that he will know it! After all, it was he, Nawfal, generous, Birdie-sviristelka. The one that until recently she made fun of for some unknown reason and banished in disgrace. From the shame and humiliation she was ready to sink into the ground … But his strong good hands, gently took her by the shoulders, turned her to face him. – For the love of you I changed luxurious attire Crown Shah on beggarly rags and had a road test you, what would you realize how bitter a person to be insulted and mocked, whatever your heart is softened and became as beautiful as her face. – Princess Gyullala wept bitterly. – Oh, I’m so sorry, so sorry, that is not worthy to be your queen … – she whispered, closing! and re-opening their eyes … But it is already present, dressed in a wedding dress, embroidered with diamonds and pearls, diamonds and sapphires! and everyone who was in the palace, proudly and shyly took important princess in the largest and most magnificent mirrored hall, where she met my father – the kindest of the kindest – Abdu-Rahman, incomparable. And next to the Sultan I was happy of all the happy, Crown Shah – Nawfal-generous. – Come, my daughter! All evil is left behind. Let’s celebrate your wedding! – Said the wisest of all the wise. All congratulated the young and without end – for forty days and nights! – Wished them happiness, love and harmony … It is a pity that our tale this is over …



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